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Watch Mayweather Fight Live Stream Online,Mayweather vs Mcgregor,Free,Boxing,Showtime,UFC,PPV,Pay Per Vew,HD,Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor Mcgregor Date,Time,TV.Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor will face off in Las Vegas at 8:45 p.m. Pacific time Aug. 26. We will have daily coverage leading up to the match and live round-by-round coverage of the fight itself.

Watch: Mayweather and his ’emotional guru’ James Corden

In the fourth installment of Showtime’s All Access, Floyd Mayweather Jr. meets up with late night personality James Corden before his big fight against Conor McGregor.

Mayweather: Change in gloves means no excuses for McGregor

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has joked that after 10-ounce gloves were used years ago in welterweight (147-pound) fights, promoters and state commissioners “decided there wasn’t enough blood, sweat and tears” in the sport, so they reverted to eight-ounce gloves.

The Nevada Athletic Commission on Wednesday retreated from a 10-year stance that fights at 154 pounds and above (such as the 154-pound Mayweather-Conor McGregor meeting) also required 10-ounce gloves by approving eight-ounce gloves for the spectacle event. Mcgregor Fight

Mcgregor Fight
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Mayweather concedes that the move is being made to improve the chances for a more exciting fight.

“I know he’s used to fighting in four-ounce gloves [in the UFC]. I want to make him feel as comfortable as possible,” Mayweather said. “I’m not going to have any excuses, and I don’t want him having any excuses.”

Mayweather says he’ll be ready for McGregor’s ‘illegal shots’

If Floyd Mayweather Jr. took anything from the footage that emerged of Conor McGregor knocking down retired welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi, it was McGregor’s tendency to bend the rules of boxing.

“It was interesting — a lot of illegal rabbit punching behind the head, grappling and a lot of illegal shots,” Mayweather said in a Thursday conference call with reporters.

Although UFC champion McGregor has used retired referee Joe Cortez to supervise his sparring sessions as he prepares for his Aug. 26 pro boxing debut, it will be on newly assigned referee Robert Byrd to keep McGregor away from the rougher tactics allowed in MMA bouts that are prohibited in boxing.

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“I’m pretty sure the referee’s going to be fair on both sides and treat both competitors fair … my job is to not worry about the referee. My job is to let the referee do his job,” Mayweather said. “I just want a good, solid fight.”

Leonard Ellerbe, chief executive of Mayweather Promotions, said he and Mayweather were pleased with the Wednesday selection of former California Highway Patrol employee Byrd and of judges Dave Moretti, Burt Clements and Guido Cavalerri.

As for the overblown attention on whether McGregor knocked down Malignaggi, a Showtime boxing commentator, Mayweather gave that moment the attention it doesn’t deserve.

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